FyreStik - Magnesium Fire Starter
FyreStik Magnesium Fire Starter

About FyreStik

This great survival tool has been developed for avid outdoorsmen and fire starting novices alike. The FyreStik Magnesium Fire Starter was created by a primitive camping enthusiast and kayak fisherman from South Louisiana. When paddling it is always a concern of finding yourself in an emergency situation. Having a way of starting a fire quickly will boost morale and give you a greater chance of survival. With this in mind the search began for a system which had an enclosed or encapsulated fire starter with some type of flammable substance, which would allow you to achieve a fire quickly. This was quite a challenge as none were found on the market. After much research, thought and planning the FyreStik was born.

the FyreStik advantage

Made with light weight aircraft metal, the FyreStik Magnesium Fire Starter is ideal for keeping your pack weight low. Since it is so compact it does not take up a lot of room and is so convenient to carry. Easily fits in your pocket, day pack, glove compartment, dry box, emergency preparedness kit, bug out bag, tackle box, boat and more. The water tight compartment includes a highly flammable kerosene soaked cotton ball, assuring your ability to start a fire quickly. The magnesium rod in each FyreStik is good for up to 500 strikes. Rubber gaskets at each separation point helps to keep moisture out, just another step taken to better your chances at achieving fire.

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